The other day while doing research shopping for my blog I picked up the most gorgeous patent-leather black shoes. I ummed and ahhed for a good ten minutes and then did what every girl with a dilemma does- I called a friend. I even sent her photos of the shoes so she could have a clearer picture of what I was talking about. Voila, here they are …

Cute hey? I had already imagined wearing them with my jeans and vintage cape (yes, I do think I’m a super hero). Finally my friend asked “How much are they?” “$7” I replied. “Go for it!”she said – after all I have spent more than that for a large soy latte!

It was only after I skipped happily home with my glitter heels tucked under my arms that I got to thinking about my love for glitter, sequins and anything shiny. I most definitely must have been a drag queen or at least a ballroom dancer in my past life. I don’t actually wear all the glitterati- I just like accumulating piles of it in my room like a magpie. Sequin tops, bags and even the occasional glitter covered shower cap. Is there such a thing as too much glitter? Liberace and I say no way!

You’ll be happy to know that I wore my glitter heels out for dinner the other night and I loved that they added just a subtle sparkle to an otherwise monochrome outfit. Win!

So it seems glitter shoes are the bee’s knees this season. However, should you accept this latest fashion trend please do so carefully. You don’t want to be mistaken for Tina Sparkle from Strictly ballroom. Unless of course you are Tina Sparkle in which case you have a myriad of issues already!

I’ve found some glitter heels that will be added to my wish list along with endless holidays in the Carribean sipping pina coladas! x

Christian Louboutin

Jimmy Choo

Peep toe shoes


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