Pastel palette…

Whether you’re team Seal or not you must admit the guy is a fashionista. I guess living with uber model Heidi Klum all those years really rubbed off on him. Personally I would have gone with a softer, canary-yellow colour, but hey kudos to you Seal. You look great!

Whatever you may think of Seal his look is right on trend this season. Pastel coloured nails are all the rage. They’ve been spotted on everyone from Jesicca Alba to the Queen of England. (I’m sure she rocks some wild tangelo colour under those gloves!)

There’s lots of nail polish brands out there jumping on the pastel band wagon but I find myself going back to OPI every time. They last longer and the colour range is quite extensive – and who doesn’t love those cute names. They even have a Muppets inspired range with names like Gettin Miss Piggy With It and Fresh Frog of Bel Air!

This one is called Gargantuan Green Grape and looks great on short, square nails.

Today I’m rocking a deeper green tone, simply because I need something to brighten up this otherwise dreary, drizzly Melbourne day. Oh, and also because it’s called Mojito – enough said. x

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