Featherston Chair…?


People that know me would know that I have a thing for chairs. I love to look at them, collect them and especially swipe them off people’s nature strips. (I see it as my environmental duty- I would hate for them to become landfill!)

I have managed to successfully convert hubby into being my partner in crime. The other ย week he came home with a couple of industrial looking chairs that looked like they had seen better days. He persisted however and gave them a good clean- the result was this…

It looked like a mid- century office chair of some sort. Beautiful soft leather and a very sturdy base which allows the chair to swivel.

“I think it’s a Featherston”, hubby said.

(Quick Furniture design lesson: Grant Featherson is the most collectible of the Australian post world war modernist designers of furniture. He developed the contour range of chairs in the early 50’s.)

So after some googling and speaking to design experts we discovered that it most likely is a Featherston. Pretty neat hey? Obviously someone had it in their garage for years not knowing its actual value. Now it’s found a loving home amongst our dozens of other chairs.

I found a very similar one- with a different base at one of my favourite vintage stores Bam Bam Vintage in Williamstown, Melbourne. This particular one sold for around $500.

Now if only hubby would come home with a vintage Chanel handbag…x



  1. Michelle

    I always learn something new from reading your posts ๐Ÿ™‚ I also feel vindicated in respect of my urge to have a good ol’ geez at peoples’ hard waste! I just might find a gem, now I know what to look for ๐Ÿ˜‰

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