Fashion Friday…

We all love looking through the glossies for our fashion inspiration but I always love to see how it translates to the everyday person on the street.

Welcome to Fashion Friday- each week we’ll be posting a photo of someone that has caught our eye with their uber style.

This week Melbourne was a sea of never ending greys and blacks. I struggled to find a Melburnian that wasn’t dressed in the city’s uniform of dark colours (myself included). We Melburnians take to black like Paris Hilton to a camera. It’s what we’re known for and it works for us.

Then like a mirage I spotted this gorgeous creature- decked out in colour from head to toe. Stunning, no? Check her out – she’s our first Fashion Friday Fashionista! Thanks Israa- you totally brightened up my day. x

Name: Israa Saeed
Pants- Sportsgirl     Cardigan- Valleygirl    Singlet- Cotton On   Shoes- General Pants Co.




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