Celebrity crush – Terry Biviano.

My celebrity crushes change from week to week. It all depends on the mood I’m in, the position of the moon and whether or not I’ve had my soy latte. Very technical criteria don’t you think?

This week my celebrity crush is Terry Biviano. Terry first came onto my radar many, many moons ago when she was dating Alex Dimitriades. It truly seemed like a match made in heaven – here were 2 celebrities who both loved the red carpet equally and would attend the opening of almost anything it seemed.

Alex and Terry in happier days.

These days Terry is married to some NRL player called Anthony Minichello. Very similar looking to Alex don’t you think? Well, when you have a type you have a type!

Terry and Anthony.

Terry is currently starring in a reality series called WAG nation. No, not about canines- Wives And Girlfriends of sportsmen. It follows the everyday lives of these ladies- from luncheon to media event to the gym to the shopping strip. I know it’s not brain science and I know they’re not saving the world but I need to know how Terry gets her hair to look so shiny and straight and more importantly frizz free! I bet she rinses it with vinegar. (A post about this beauty tip is coming up- stay tuned).

Terry is also a successful shoe designer in her own right. She has been in the business for years and her boots and shoes are simply beautiful. You will rarely see her put a foot wrong (see what I just did there?). Here’s one of my favourite Terry designs. Just the shoe to do the school run in-

So there you have it – my celebrity crush of the week. Terry Biviano- stylish, sleek,  successful shoe designer and former partner of Alex Dimitriades. (A past celebrity crush of mine- but that’s another story…) x

Who’s your celebrity crush this week?


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