Fashion Friday Fashionista- Johnny Depp

We were all shocked by the recent news of Johnny Depp’s split with long time partner Vanessa Paradis. Weren’t we? I truly believed theirs was a love that could withstand all of the drama that comes with being a celebrity. Clearly not. Apparently now women around the world are rejoicing because the sexy pirate is back on the market. Personally I’d like to see him reunite with Winona Ryder (who wants WINO forever as a tattoo?) – or even Kate Moss – then they can walk around and look bored together.

Anyway, I digress- today’s fashionista lists Johnny Depp as one of his style icons. And judging by his look I can totally see the influence. It’s that throw-anything-on kind of look and hope it works.

Fingal can be found most nights at Richmond’s newest Mexican eatery Chingon (which they tell me is Spanish for bad-ass or amazing). And yes, the tacos are a-ma-zing! x

(Chingon is located at 413 Swan St, Richmond, VIC – ph: (03) 9429-5695).

Name : Fingal
Age: 38
Occupation: Musician/ Taconista
Style: Op Shop Vintage

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