Toe-capped shoe trend.

“All women should have the right to shoes.” – Carrie Bradshaw

Absolutely! Especially when our shoe size is probably the one thing that hasn’t changed for us since high school! That and my inexplicable passion for watching Electric Boogaloo.

Every season brings with it a fashion trend that we may or may not want to follow- Ankle boots? Yes! Stripper heels? Maybe? Snooki-style ugg boots? Awaiting their arrival any day now.

Spring 2012 saw the arrival of the latest shoe obsession! Thanks to Marc Jacobs we saw the toe-capped pumps at Louis Vuitton’s Spring Summer 2012 runway. Personally I think they were a pleasant change from the chunky platform heels of previous seasons. The metallic-tipped style adds a modern twist on the pointy-toed pumps we’ve long relied on as our go-to shoe.

Natalia Vodianova in Louis Vuitton

You can incorporate the toe-capped trend quite easily into your wardrobe this season. Luckily the look isn’t geared exclusively for high heeled shoes. There are a tremendous range in flats and boots also.

There seems to be 4 styles of the toe-capping:
-Metal cap
-Two toned
-Pattern cap
-Studded cap

I love these Metal capped ones from Zara. The colour is just divine and I love the fact that the cap seems to blend in seamlessly to rest of the shoe.

ZARA toe capped shoe

The two- toned style is more whimsical- it has a vintage feel about it. I love these ballet shoes as the pop of raspberry looks amazing on the camel colour, don’t you think? These would look great with leggings and a cardigan. These Tony Burch ones have sold out but I did find similar ones here:

The third style is the Pattern-capped shoe. The pattern could be anything from an animal print to a delicate lace. It really is up to you and your personality.

Suede Python Heels

Last but not least is my favourite style, the studded cap. I love a good stud simply because it can toughen up any outfit. That and I grew up watching Mr.T.

So there you have it – my quick lesson in toe-capping. And don’t think that children’s shoes are exempt from this craze. Check out these adorable kid’s shoes that almost make me clucky again. Almost. x

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