Loving leather fashion looks.

Nothing says leather quite like Leather Tuscadero, right? Now here was a woman who not only rocked the head to toe leather look but she also did it with a mullet. Respect.

Leather will always be in fashion and we are still seeing it this season in a number of different pieces. It’s easy to incorporate leather into your daily outfits if you just choose your pieces carefully. Try to avoid too much leather unless you want to be mistaken for a Hell’s Angel. Unless of course you are a Hell’s Angel in which case, hi- welcome to my blog (nervous smile).

On a recent vintage shop I found this soft leather vest which I absolutely adore. It’s so warm and comfortable to wear that I might consider never taking it off. It was only $15 and I think it’s just the right injection of leather to an outfit. What do you think?


So there’s lots of ways to wear leather. There’s the dress:

I think Jessica Alba wears it best here. Love the simplicity of the dress with the toughness of those shoes. Stunning!

Or you could try the leather leggings:

I love the length of Sarah Jessica Parker’s leggings. It instantly modernises the look. And no-one does rock chick better than Rihanna.

Then there’s the leather blouse:

The combination of the leather top with the bright printed pants is so fresh and fun don’t you think?

So whichever way you choose to rock leather this season just remember it’s all about experimenting. There’s no wrong or right- just have fun. x


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