Herman Miller moulded chair.

In a past life I must have had no chairs to sit on because in this life all I seem to do is collect them. Things have gotten so bad that my husband and I are seriously contemplating a storage unit. The other day as a fun activity for the kids we got them to count all the chairs in our house – I’m too embarrassed to disclose the number in case I suddenly appear on the Hoarders show.

So the other day while driving, I noticed this beauty sitting outside an op shop on a main street. Peak hour traffic, trams and cars everywhere I did what every crazy personΒ girl would do in my position- an illegalΒ  necessary U-turn!

Ta – da!! This is what I found. A gorgeous yellow plastic moulded chair. For $5!! Upon closer inspection I saw it was a Herman Miller original- mid century design. Possibly Eames. Into the car it went.

Later that day after some googling I discovered exactly what type of chair it was: “A classic piece of mid-century furniture, this model has a base designed specifically to be stackable for easy storage. Designers: Charles and Ray Eames. Retails $249.” Score!!

Not a bad find if I do say so myself. And being avid Richmond supporters I just need to find the black one now. x


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