Neon Fashion trend- Wham Bam!

I’m old enough to have lived through the neon- fluoro trend the first time around – by memory it was 1985 and Wham reigned supreme. It was a time of ra-ra skirts and blonde highlights. We all wanted to Choose Life and and dance Like a Virgin.

Oh George…

So here we are again – round 2. This time we have a huge array of fluoro inspired pieces to choose from. And it’s all about how you wear them. We don’t need to go back to the 80’s in head to toe neon – we just need to choose some pieces that suit our age and style. For example a shoe with a neon accent is just the right touch, or a fluoro necklace with a simple t-shirt. It’s up to you embrace this trend in anyway that feels comfortable.

I think a good place to start with neon is with accessories. A bag is always a good way to embrace a new trend as it will instantly update your wardrobe. A favourite of mine at the moment is the new ‘It’ bag – and surprisingly it’s more affordable than previous “It’ bags. The Cambridge Satchel has been seen this season on everyone from celebrities, to fashionistas and bloggers alike. It’s a modern take on a very classic looking bag. Of course it comes in a whole array of colours but the neon ones are just so fresh and now looking.

I also like the neon pants- I think they give just the right amount of pop when paired with a simple black tshirt and boots. I love these ones on Jessica Alba too- especially the fact that she’s worn two primary colours together. It looks amazing!

I’m absolutely loving these Rachel Roy slim line pants- they’re something different from the usual skinny pant that’s everywhere. They would look amazing with a white singlet and camel wedges.

Remember the jelly bracelets from the 80’s? Well the updated version seems to be the friendship bracelet. These neon ones are a cute and affordable way to inject some fluoro into your day. I found these ones on Etsy.

And the neon trend isn’t just for clothes and accessories, homewares are getting a make-over too. How cute are these neon- dipped pots? The pots are from Ikea and it’s a project that you can easily do yourself. I might try this with the kids over the holidays.x

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