The Huxtables- Lisa Bonet

I had lunch today at a relatively new restaurant called Huxtable. It’s one of those places that is popular with the hipsters and food bloggers of Melbourne. Amazing food, great vibe and top service. But what I love the most is the name- Huxtable. It was named after the family from the Cosby show. Genius!

I grew up watching the Cosby show- I loved how cool, stylish and civilised the family was. I loved their house and all their amazing artwork. I loved how all the siblings got along and the way the parents always seemed to end the evening by slow dancing in each others arms.

But the main reason I loved the Cosby show was Denise Huxtable- aka Lisa Bonet. Let’s just say I had a slight girl crush on her. She was one of the most unique characters on television at the time. She had such an amazing air about her. Lisa was a chameleon of fashion. One episode she was preppy and the next she was dressed like an African queen. Dreadlocks one day and an afro the next. I loved everything about her!

And just when I thought she couldn’t get any cooler she went and married Lenny Kravitz. I know. I’m short of breath as I write this too.

Now when two insanely good looking people get together and decide to procreate there’s always a danger that their hot genes will mutate and result in a not so hot offspring. These two needn’t have worried. Lisa Bonet+Lenny Kravitz= extremely good looking daughter.  Exhibit A – ZOE KRAVITZ:

Unfortunately there was too much hotness in the one place, so Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz eventually separated. Lenny even wrote “It aint over till it’s over” for her to try and reconcile their relationship. They were only married from 1989-1991 but during that brief time they were undoubtedly the coolest couple on the planet. Brad and Angelina have nothing on them! x

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