Vintage shopping…

Happy Monday all! Hope it’s sunny where you are because here it’s been raining non stop for the last few days which is perfect if you’re a frog. Which I’m not.

I did manage to squeeze in a bit of shopping though. Here’s my little haul:

Neon pink long-chain necklace.

Cute bag.

And a chair. I know, I know…I promised no more chairs but we couldn’t resist this one. It was a bargain and its gorgeous and it just looks perfect in the living room (with the dozens of others). Danish?

I mean really- how could I not bring this chair home? Look at the finish on the wood. The shape of it. It’s the perfect chair to sit and ponder why I buy so many chairs.

So that was all for me. Oh, except for the online shopping on ASOS but that doesn’t really count because I haven’t received the items yet. Mind you I’m a bit concerened about my faux-fur jacket that’s coming from Beijing. Let’s just say the communication with the seller has been interesting πŸ˜‰ I’ll make sure to let you know if when it arrives. x


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