What’s so great about ASOS?

“What’s so great about ASOS?” a friend of mine flippantly asked the other day. I nearly choked on my soy latte. That’s like asking, what’s so great about a fish taco? Or what’s so great about Nicole Richie? Or what’s so great about an egg and bacon roll with maple syrup? Once you’ve tried it- you’ll understand. Trust me- I introduced Asos to  my husband a while back and now most of the packages that arrive at our door are his!
Asos- for those who haven’t discovered it yet- is an online one-stop shop from London. It has great quality, up to the minute fashion at very affordable prices. Best of all there is no delivery fee and you can exchange the item if you’re not happy. An added bonus is that you can shop in your pyjamas and ugg boots. Yes, I do. I’m sure you do too.

Ok here we go…


Amazing Aztec cardigan- only $53!

Cute Striped Tee – $22!


Leopard print Flats- now just $35.


Spike bracelet – under $20!

Men’s leather brogue boots- $90

Should I go on? I could. I could post photos for you all day and night. There’s something for everyone- men and women. Shoes, jackets, tops, dresses, cosmetics, bags, lingerie, jewellery, chimpanzees that can juggle (just checking you’re still paying attention). But seriously – what you really need to do is check it out for yourself. Right.now.go…x


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