Quick Beauty Tip

Who doesn’t love a quick beauty tip? And I don’t mean one that’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars and a trip to a cosmetics counter. This is something I had always heard about but never actually tried until a few days ago. It’s simple and the ingredients are most likely to be in your kitchen.

To get a glossy and natural shine to your hair rinse it with a mixture of vinegar and cold water. I use 1 cup of white vinegar to 8 cups of cold water. I put it into a jug and just leave it in the shower. Once I’ve shampooed and conditioned my hair then I just take the jug and rinse my hair. Yes it’s cold – but it’s quick and the results are super effective. Your hair will feel squeaky clean and so manageable. Best of all there is no vinegar smell either.

Why does this work? The secret to shiny hair is the cuticles. If they’re open they can make your hair look ragged and dry, but if they’re closed your hair will look shiny. Vinegar removes build up of product and shampoo from your hair and closes the cuticles. Thus giving you more slippery and tangle free hair. It won’t happen over night…oh wait… yes it will. It’s instant.

Wow…I just blinded you with my shiny hair didn’t I? Try it. x

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