Sarah Jessica Parker loves Ferris Bueller

Let’s hear it for New York…

Happy Fourth of July to all that celebrate. By that I guess I mean Americans. Personally I don’t- but I will always celebrate fashion and Ferris Bueller.

Let’s start with fashion. To me- NY is the epicentre of the fashion world and nothing says New York more than Sarah Jessica Parker. I mean really people- NY should have it’s own currency with her face on it!

Before I go on I need to get one thing straight – a lot of people always comment that Sarah J looks very horsey in the face, and yes I’m inclined to agree (much to the joy of my husband I’m sure). However that does not stop her being a fashion icon in my eyes- her sense of style is one I will always covet.

Okay, now that we have the horse joke done- lets move on. Neigh Yay!

Here are some of my favourite Carrie/SJP outfits:Green is one of my favourite colours on her and besides that I am absolutely obsessed with this belt. It’s the vintage studded one that she wore in the SATC movie. LOVE!

And here’s that belt again! See…it goes with anything. Love the colours of this coat.

I love Carrie’s ghetto look. Especially the fur. It’s the homeless bag-lady outfit that only she can pull off. Smile Carrie…I know…I hate that pink bag too.

I like this cute hooker look.

Only Carrie can get away with wearing a fabric donut around her.

And then my two worlds collide- FASHION meets FERRIS BUELLER! Does it get any cooler than marrying Bueller? (Sorry that rap lyric has just been copyrighted.)

Mr & Mrs. Ferris Bueller

Here we have the Bueller family out and about in New York. As much as I love seeing Sarah all glammed up in couture outfits my favourite look for her is when she’s dressed Β in jeans, hair pulled back and sunglasses on. And besides, I have those shoes too.
Oh, and I have twins also! x

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