Fab Ciraolo…Chilean artist.

I was only recently introduced to this print of Frida Kahlo by my husband and I was instantly mesmerised. I love everything about it. The mix of old and new. The vintage feel of the colours with the contrast of the tattoos and Daft Punk t-shirt on Frida. It is so modern and funky yet seems to evoke feelings of whimsy and fairy tales. I had to know more. I quick google search with my sister (who is equally obsessed) led us to find the amazing artist Fab Ciraolo and a whole gallery of all his artwork. Wow! We are all absolutely hooked and are frantically putting in orders to get some of his prints.

Fab Ciraolo is a Chilean artist from Santiago. His pieces combine elements of nostalgic pop culture and other icons with a fantastical almost science fiction element to them. Incorporating classic cartoon characters, fairytale favourites and popular icons, Ciraolo creates compelling artworks that are both old wordly and modern.

Here’s a gallery of some of my favourite art works- hope you love them as muchΒ as I do. x

Frida Kahlo



Marilyn Monroe

Princess Diana

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