Fashion Friday – The streets of Paris

Today Fashion Friday is going abroad. To the city of lights, the city of love, the city where eating chocolate croissants for breakfast is totally acceptable and encouraged.

Anyone who was visited Paris will know just how fashionably beautiful it is. From the buildings, to the people, to the millions of little poodles. This is a city that takes it fashion seriously. I remember being in Paris and seeing all the postcard images I had grown up with materialise before my eyes- a man on a bike holding a baguette, a beautifully dressed woman walking her dog, a couple kissing under the Eiffel Tower. Cliche? Absolutely! But these are the images that are so everyday and ordinary for Parisians yet so classically romantic for the rest of us.

Today we have 2 Fashionistas abroad – Themi, Jeffrey and the city of Paris. The city seems to have an effect on your wardrobe- you suddenly become drawn to stripes and hats. These 2 boys have been fashionistas from way back but seeing them in Paris and in black and white I’m inclined to think a magazine spread may be next on the cards. Happy holidays boys- looking forward to some more fashionista holiday snaps. I’m tres jealous- oui oui! x

Jeffrey and Themi                                         Photo courtesy of Dat Van

Making crepes                                                  Photo courtesy of Dat Van

 Photo courtesy of Dat Van

Vintage postcards                                            Photo courtesy of Dat Van

A really large door 🙂                                         Photo courtesy of Dat Van

One Comment

  1. Michelle

    Thank you for transporting me to the beautiful streets of Paris…and for making my mouth water with that delicious crepe – make mine nutella! Gorgeous pics x

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