Danish design – Kofod Larsen

I know I said I wouldn’t be buying anymore chairs but these somehow found their way into our home. They’re by Danish designer Kofod Larsen for G-Plan and we instantly fell in love with them. I’m not calling myself a hoarder anymore – I now prefer the term collector!

We found four of these beauties at Smith Street Bazaar in Collingwood and they are the perfect addition to our Kofod Larsen dining table.

G-Plan was a range of furniture produced in the United Kingdom by E Gomme Ltd of High Wycombe. The most highly sought after designer who worked for G-Plan was Ib Kofod Larsen who designed the G-Plan Danish range in the early to mid-sixties. Kofod Larsen pieces are quite rare as they were significantly more expensive than other G-Plan furniture. So we’re always extremely lucky to come across pieces that are in such good condition.

There’s a great resource book called “The G-Plan Revolution” by Basil Hyman and Steven Braggs that explains its origins and its impact on mid-century furniture and design. It’s a beautiful book that contains copies of G-plan catalogues and furniture design shows. A truly unique book. x


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