A Danish and a coffee, thanks.

As you know by now I am a huge lover of all things Danish – especially furniture. So it’s only natural I would love Great Dane Furniture. Beautiful Scandinavian design, lighting and accessories. We paid a visit to their showroom in Fitzroy over the weekend and as usual we had trouble leaving the beautiful surrounds of the showroom. It’s like walking into a beautiful home where you covet every piece of furniture to every vase to every light hanging from the ceiling. The staff are very knowledgable and easy to talk to. No snooty design people here. They even printed out some colouring in pages to keep our kidlets entertained. On this particular visit I was taken with their lighting displays. Such beautiful and simple designs that I’m looking at our own light fixtures at home and thinking we really do need to update. (Any excuse to shop, I know).

The Great Dane himself.

These Dots are coat hooks by designers Tveit & Tomoe and they look absolutely stunning on a wall. They can be used to display anything from lights, to coats to scarves. They come in packs of 5 and are finished in the most gorgeous oak wood. 

These hanging pendant lights are a simple and stylish form of lighting. They come in a variety of sizes and colours and have really gained popularity in both domestic and commercial spaces – personally I would like a couple to hang as bed side lamps.

This cute hanging lamp is called the Favourite Things Pendant and is actually made for you to put in your own favourite thing to personalise it. Wonder how my iphone would look in there?

To add to the greatness of Great Dane the Clark St Roasters have opened a pop-up coffee place next door. Not your average Coffee shop- this team has a variety of contraptions on show- there’s the multi-tiered cold drip which takes hours to drip the perfect cup of coffee, up to seven hours in fact- then there’s the Chemex which looks like a flask and helps to bring out coffee’s different flavours. This week they’re introducing beans from Brazil and Rwanda.
I had the Brazil- it was described to me as dirty and smoky-and it was. Get in quick as they won’t be here for long. X

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