Danish Fashion House – Minimum.

While on one of my vintage shopping sprees, purely for research purposes of course, I came across this fabulous pair of khaki pants. They have an amazing cut and fit perfectly. I love the little elastic detail on the legs too. As with all clothes I buy, I always gravitate to what looks great and not the label. In this case I just bought the pants because a) they looked amazing, b) they were a bargain and c) it had been a few days since my last purchase and I was beginning to have convulsions.

Upon bringing them home I took a closer look at the label – it was a Minimum brand. Hmmm…sounds familiar I thought. After a bit of googling I discovered a whole new world…one that my credit card really doesn’t need to know about. You see Minimum is an amazing Danish fashion company based in Denmark. It was founded back in 1997 Β and specialises in both male and female fashion with that unmistakable Scandinavian coolness. I’m beginning to understand now why I loved all those Norsca ads as a child- it was all about Nordic coolness- well for your underarms anyway.

Sorry, I digress- here are some samples from their 2012 catalogue. And if the pants I bought are anything to go by then I can guarantee that the quality, style and fit of their other clothes will be top notch too. If you’re looking for a local supplier in Melbourne then check out Dansk in Windsor or their new store in Middle Park. They have a great range of Minimum clothing- from tshirts to amazing yellow blazers! I apologise in advance if I have introduced anyone to a new addiction – but hey- it’s cheaper than crack! And we all know crack is whack (RIP Whitney). x


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