Lady Mauve…

Today I’m featuring a super talented artist and designer- Melissah Russo Mardinian. Her label is called Lady Mauve and it features a range of unique and edgy jewellery as well as the most beautiful kimono style jackets.

Neon bracelets

Melissa is a Melbourne girl who has been living abroad for the last 6 years. She is currently living in Dubai (can you say shopping heaven?) where she sells her amazing jewellery and kimonos at a local craft market. But fear not if you are no where near the United Emirates cause she will soon be selling them online. Which is just as well as I’ve already got my eye on a few of those skull bracelets- love them!

Melissa tells me her main inspiration is her mum who was so fashion forward when she was growing up. She was rocking Doc Martins in ’92 and her father was in one of Melbourne’s first glam-rock punk bands called La Femme. Talk about cool parents! If you get a chance, check out Melissa’s dad in the band- he’s the drummer.

Melissa’s jewellery has a rock punk-chick edge to it. She is a massive fan of Alexander McQueen hence all the skulls which feature heavily in her designs. Personally I’m a sucker for anything with a skull, or a stud or with a bit of bling. Lucky for me Lady Mauve has all these covered. Her label name, Lady Mauve, is an homage to Lady Pink who was the first female graffiti artist in NYC around 1979. Melissah’s partner Giorgio Mardinian is also a very talented Graffitti artist who we met in Melbourne a few years back when he tagged (?) our boy’s names on a wall (he deserves his own blog post too so stay tuned). x

Lady Pink – NY Graffiti artist


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