Friday Fashionista

Today’s Fashionista is my favourite kind- the barista. As all coffee lovers can attest to, the relationship you have with your barista is quite unique. He/she has the power to totally ruin your morning (by making you a cappuccino instead of a latte) or give it the ‘hallelujah’ start it deserves. Luckily for me the latter applies with this fashionista/barista from Richmond’s Flaunt cafe . Sure there are plenty of baristas out there that make a great brew but is it consistent? I can happily say that the coffee at Flaunt- especially when Andre makes it- is perfect. every.single.time.

Flaunt cafe – 484 Bridge rd Richmond 

Name: Andre
Age: 28
Occupation: Barista, student of International Relations
Fashion style: Eclectic and cleanist; ie- whatever item is clean on top of the laundry pile.

So what makes Andre my fashionista this week? Isn’t it obvious? It’s that massive pile of hair he has going on. Now dreads are not everyones take away latte (see what I just did there?) but kudos to anyone that can pull it off without looking like they’ve spent too much time listening to Bob Marley. Thanks Andre. Much respect. X

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