Celebrity photographer – Slim Aarons

While reading the weekend papers on Sunday I was reminded of a very talented photographer by the name of Slim Aarons. His photographs were featured in an article about an amazing 1970’s house in Melbourne. The house had everything I love – mid century furniture, exposed brick walls, sunken living room, and a kidney shaped pool-  with a swim-up pool bar. But for me the jewel in the crown was the Monte Carlo photo by Slim Aarons. I’m semi familiar with his work- he was a famous American personality and photographer who led an amazing life while capturing the lives of the rich and famous- especially the jet set crowd. He was famously quoted as saying he made his career from “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”

What I love about these photos is their ability to totally transport you to a place of beauty and decadence. The subjects he photographed were part of that post-war Californian celebrity lifestyle – the jet set crowd. St. Tropez, Monte Carlo, pool parties, cocktails and fabulous fashion. I could sit and look at his photos for hours. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. x

Beach at St.Tropez

Cee Zee guest 1955

Kaufman house 1970

Monte Carlo 1970’s

Penthouse pool – Athens 1961

Marilyn Monroe sorting out her fan mail – 1952

The image above reminds me of this magazine cover with Angelina ‘man-stealer’ Jolie and Brad ‘I should’ve stayed with Jennifer’ Pitt.

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