Beauty review – Schwarzkopf Volume powder

Today I’m going to attempt a review on a great new product I’ve discovered. Please bear with me and my amateur photography – and yes that is C3PO in the background.

The product is called Volume Powder, it’s made by Schwarzkopf and it has Heidi Klum on the box. All great reasons to try it.

The powder is designed to give your hair extra volume at the roots. It’s especially good if you feel your hair is too clean and shiny and won’t sit in the style you want. Volume powder has been compared to dry shampoo but I believe it’s a far superior product. Dry shampoo is great to freshen your roots and give you a few more days without shampooing but it can leave your hair slightly dry and dull looking. Volume powder on the other hand is completely different. Firstly, it totally disappears into your hair leaving no visible residue at all. Secondly, it gives hair an extra sense of freshness and oomph- if you like that bed head look then this is perfect for you!

Here’s what the box looks like. The powder comes in a little 10g tube and claims to have 50 applications. The other great thing about it is the price – at around $9.00 it’s perfectly affordable to try.

The powder itself feels strange at first. Almost wet and dry at the same time. It has no distinct smell that I could detect. You can either shake some onto your palms first and then rub it into your hair – or shake it directly onto your scalp. Be careful though- you don’t need a lot.

I like to apply the powder under a section of my hair. So just roughly separate some hair and sprinkle some powder close to your roots.

Then gently massage it into your hair until it totally disappears. Your hair will feel strange at first. Kind of dry. This feeling will soon go. For extra volume you can even blast some hot air through it.

So this is roughly what the end result looks like. I haven’t styled it or anything. I’ve just given it a brief massage with my fingers and left it. As you can clearly see one side is smooth and flat while the other seems more tousled and has greater volume.

It’s not for everyone – you may prefer that sleek polished look to your hair. I’ve also found it’s amazing to use when you put your hair up into a ponytail. It gives the roots a lift and adds a bit of dimension and hold to your style. Personally I love it. It may just take the place of my dry shampoo as my go-to product when I don’t have time to wash my hair.  Good luck with it and may the force be with you. x


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