Shopping finds – Gorman.

It’s currently super sunny here in Melbourne so I thought I’d do a bit of Spring cleaning. I clear out my wardrobe and shoes at least once a month – this is due to the fact that I don’t have much wardrobe space and because clothes and shoes seem to follow me home.

I donate all my clothes and shoes to the local Op Shop. As you all know I’m a huge Op shopper and vintage buyer – so in fact I feel no guilt in buying things so often because they all end up back in the eco- cycle of vintage shopping. It’s the mathematical equation of shopping- if you donate as much as you buy then the new items cancel themselves out. So in effect you haven’t really bought anything. Make sense?

So as we speak I have a couple of bags to take over to the local op shop, which is just as well cause I needed some room for some new items I picked up this weekend. (And one sparkly ring my boys gave me as a birthday present.) x

My goodies

Gorman harem-style jeans (brand new)

Gorman leather flats (brand new)

Leona Edminston scarf (vintage)

Swarovski ring





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