Beauty review – Benefit Porefessional

As you’ve all gathered by now I’m a bit of a cosmetics junkie. Anything to do with firming, smoothing, toning, illuminating – any verb really- needs to come home with me ASAP. Benefit’s Porefessional is one such product.

I first came across this gem while at the Benefit Brow bar. While waiting for my tint to work on my eyebrows (and looking like Groucho Marx in the process) the impossibly perky Benefit girl asked me if I’d like to try some of their new primer. “Sure” I said, “knock yourself out.”

While she was applying it, she reeled off all the things it does – smooths your skin, minimises wrinkles, eliminates the look of pores, makes you look like Jennifer Lopez. Wait, what? Minimises wrinkles? After “fish taco” they may just be my two favourite words.

Lo and behold – yes, it did everything it claimed to. My (very, very few) wrinkles looked smoother, my pores had vanished and I suddenly belted out Waiting for Tonight in perfect pitch! Yes thank-you Benefit girl- I will be needing a few tubes of this wonder product.

Seriously though- this truly is a primer that does exactly what it claims to. Think of it as a filler you apply to a cracked wall before you paint. How much better will that wall look once painted if you can’t see the crack? That’s exactly what this primer does. It leaves your skin feeling impossibly smooth and looking even. It creates the perfect base for make up, or you can wear it on it’s own. You can also apply it over your make up to refresh it when you’re on the go. It’s especially great for open pores on your nose and cheeks.

I’ve attempted to take some photos to show you what it looks like but I’m not sure it gives the full effect of the product. Also selfies are really not the best form of photography. Either way give it a go- I guarantee you’ll love it. x

(Benefit Porefessional retails for approx $50.00 and can be bought from Myer or online).






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