Vintage find – bling bling!

One of the many things I love about vintage shopping is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something unique. Whether it’s a designer chair, a faux fur jacket or a set of false teeth in a jar. You will always walk away with something special (or was special to someone else.)

My vintage find today literally made me gasp. I was absolutely mesmerised by their crystal beauty. I’m always attracted to things that shine and glitter (except Mariah Carey’s movie of the same name) however they don’t always end up being this amazing.


At first I thought they were some cheap and tacky bling pair of earrings- but upon closer inspection I noticed they were sterling silver and they had that old fashioned clasp that you usually see in vintage jewellery. Yes, the stones are fake (no Chrystal, really?) – but the quality of the reproduction makes me think that they may be some type of crystal after all. I’m in the process of getting them looked at by a vintage jewellery person I know- especially since when I asked the store owner where these came from she said they came with a pile of things from a deceased estate. Fantastic, I thought! Not about the deceased part of course, but by the fact that perhaps they could possibly be from a by-gone era. Who knows? Either way – I just adore them! They look amazing on and I can’t wait to wear them next time I do the kinder run. x


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