She bangs…

Whether you call them bangs or a fringe – one thing is for sure, on some people it looks great and on others – well, lets just say Meryl Streep in Evil Angels comes to mind…

I personally have had a fringe since I was in utero. It’s pretty much the only constant ย in my life – that and my addiction to caffeine and hoops (earrings not basketball).

I like the fact that my fringe gives the illusion that I’ve somehow put effort into styling my hair, when really I’ve just run a GHD through it. It looks put together whether I’m wearing my hair up or down. And besides that, it covers a multitude of wrinklesย  slight imperfections on my forehead. All reasons why I love a good thick, blunt fringe. In fact my hair dresser is so used to cutting my fringe just so, that he says …”I know, I know- you want it blunt but wispy, straight but to the side, thick but not too much.” Exactly! Oh, if he wasn’t gay I’d marry him!

But don’t think sporting a fringe is all fun and games. It requires regular shampooing, as there’s nothing worse than trying to style a greasy fringe. I usually wash it (yes, sometimes I wash just my fringe) every other day. Otherwise I use a dry shampoo- which is so amazing and life changing that it deserves it’s own post! Stay tuned.

In the mean time – here are some of my favourite looks with a fringe. Are you rocking a fringe/bangs at the moment? x


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