Friday Fashionista – Lola.

Happy Friday Fashionistas! Today I’m featuring a young woman who has a special place in my heart. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.
Madonna is one of my absolute favourite musical and fashion icons. I grew up listening to her music in my bedroom and dancing to her tunes at the clubs. She gave me my obsession for thick eyebrows, permed hair and ra ra skirts. I’m an 80’s child – and there was no one more famous than Madonna!

Madonna and child

So when she announced she was pregnant we couldn’t wait to see what Madonna’s offspring would look like and whether or not she could rock fingerless, lace gloves like her mum. The father of course was the divine Carlos Leon. This lucky child had won the DNA lottery. Cool mum, hot dad – surely equalled gorgeous offspring. Right? Absolutely!!

Madonna, Lourdes and Carlos

And her name was Lola (Lourdes Ciccone Leon) – which went on to become my secret baby-girl name. Yeah, not so secret now I guess. I also owned a German Shepherd  called Rocco (after Madonna’s son) and I have the lyrics of “Burning up” tattooed on my ribs. I jest – Rocco was actually a toy poodle.

Lola is now 15 years old, living in NY and is the face of her mum’s fashion line called Material Girl. Her style is that of any teenage fashionista in NYC – leggings, boots and designer threads. She doesn’t flaunt her style – it’s understated in a way that her mother’s never was. But take one look at her and there’s no mistaking who her mother is – those eyes, those brows, that look  that says “Mum, it’s time to lay off the fillers- you’re looking like a chipmunk.”

Lola…I’ve watched you grow from an adorable, curly haired moppet to the beautiful and ever stylish young woman that you are. But most of all I love the fact that you seem to have a strong sense of self. Seems to me that you’re absolutely a chip off the Madonna block. You can follow LOLA on her Material Girl blog- I do. X

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