What’s going on with this frizz?

So, today I had an appointment with my hairdresser for the usual cut, blow wave and GHD straightening. And just after he finished drying my hair, he looked at my frizz ball head and said…”Chrystal, what are we going to do about this hair?” You see, I may have been blessed with lovely ankles and ear lobes but when God was handing out smooth, frizz free hair I think I was busy updating my Facebook status. I looked in the mirror and saw exactly what he was talking about- you see if I merely dry my hair and leave it, you would not recognise me. I instantly acquire an afro that MJ would’ve been proud of – before he decided he wanted to look like a white woman.

So then my hairdresser says – “You know what your hair’s like? Remember that episode from Friends when they go to the Bahamas? Your hair is like Monica’s!”

Of course I googled the image. This is what he was talking about:


EXACTLY!! This is my hair exactly before a GHD goes anywhere near it! Which makes me realise I really must find a way to marry my hairdresser or at least barter some services for a free blow wave every week. x

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