Nad’s Nose Wax

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of an exciting new product by Nad’s. Nad’s is one of the leaders in hair-removal products in Australia and around the world. To celebrate their 20 year Anniversary they held a lovely, intimate lunch at Grossi Florentino in Melbourne where they unveiled their latest innovative creation.

Their range is already very extensive but there was one product that was yet to be formulated and distributed by any other company – nose wax! Speaking to the founder of Nad’s, Sue Ismiel, she told me that her husband would often get this done by his barber who would dip a stick into some hot wax, insert it into the nostril and pull. However she felt that there must be a better and more efficient way to remove nose hair in the privacy of your own home. So Nad’s nose wax was born…

I was very intrigued by this concept – especially after seeing Sue demonstrate how easy it is to use. The pack comes with a tub of wax that you pop into the microwave for a few minutes, applicator sticks, plastic thingies (yes that’s the technical term for them) that you insert into the nostril and a variety of other cleansing and soothing towelettes.

So I decided to try out this nose wax when I got home- I waited till the kidlets were in bed in case they wondered why mum was sticking plastic straws up her nose.

Here’s how it went:

Step 1: Put on a moustache protector. These are actually included in the box and are meant to be used to protect men’s moustaches from the wax. I love them- they will definitely be making an appearance at my next dress-up party!

Step 2: Once you’ve dipped the applicator into the wax, gently insert it into your nose. The circular disc stops the applicator going too far in.

Step 3: Wait for the wax to set – about 90 seconds – then pull!

Step 4: Scream!! No, actually it doesn’t hurt funnily enough. Voila…clean nostrils!

So there you have it! Nad’s nose wax- a revolution in the taming of nostril hair. I’ve already got a few packs ready to give out to unsuspecting friends and family! And the bonus with this product is that you can also apply the wax around your nose to remove blackheads. Genius!

Look out for Nad’s nose wax next time you’re in the hair removal aisle at the shops.
You won’t ‘nose’ yourself once you’ve tried it. X


  1. LifeOfBun

    Psst, i’ve been looking for something like this for years haha. I’ve been blessed with giant nostrils, you can look right into them. How ladylike. Thanks for the post πŸ™‚ didn’t know that existed!

  2. Sarah (@beautstoryblog)

    Hi Chrystal love this post! I tried the product with my boyfriend last night it was pretty funny but the product does indeed work! Nice to meet you on Twitter during #bbloggersoz chat. Hope you can make the next one! πŸ™‚ Good luck with your Nad’s entry. πŸ™‚

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