Frizz fix

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I was most certainly NOT blessed with the gift of frizz free hair. Maybe I have my European/Middle Eastern background to thank, or maybe it’s my genes or just tough luck. Whatever the reason, it makes the chore of ‘doing’ my hair third on my list of things I hate doing. First is trying to fold a fitted sheet and second is actually trying to make it stay on the bed!

I’m always on the look out for products that will help tame the wild-frizz beast that is my hair. Oh, how envy those girls that step out of the shower with their lovely wet tresses, only to rub a little leave in conditioner and then do nothing. They simply flick through a magazine, while sipping on a peppermint tea and let their hair dry naturally. Lucky cows girls!!

Whereas I must towel dry my hair, not too vigourously- apply a straightening serum, blow dry it, spray some heat-protector, GHD straighten it, followed by some Argan oil for the frizz, then perhaps dirty up the roots a bit cause it’s too squeaky clean! Aghhhh….I’m pooped just writing about it! I tell you- somedays shaving it all off seems like a very sensible option.

So at the moment I’m trialling 2 new products to help me tame the beast. First is John Frieda’s 3 day straightening spray, and the second is Lee Stafford’s De Humidifier.

The John Frieda is designed for curly hair, but I figure if it can tame curls then it can tame frizz. After washing and towel drying your hair, spray the product through evenly Β then blow dry it normally. You must then follow this with straightening irons. Β The first time I used this, my hair felt AMAZING! I could see the results as soon as I started blowdrying. I didn’t get as much frizz as I normally would. Then I used my GHD and got the smoothest result ever, outside of the salon. I swear – it was insanely straight! However, the second time I used this, 3 days later- I noticed that my hair felt like it had a film of something on it. Kind of like the product was still there from 3 days ago. So when I sprayed some more on- my hair felt thick and yucky rather than sleek and smooth. So now, I only use this product every second shampoo to avoid build up. And I always rinse my hair with a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts cold water. This just ensures your hair is extra clean and shiny after you’ve washed it.

The second product is like a hairspray that you apply after you’ve finished styling your hair. It’s meant to repel moisture and keep your hair looking frizz free. The directions state that you can use this before going to the gym, or bed or anywhere that you may sweat πŸ˜‰ Personally, I love this product, it smells great and doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky. I can’t wait to use it on my next tropical holiday (which is only a month away…yipee!!)

I picked up both these items from Priceline, which along with Chemist Warehouse have accrued more money from me than the Tax Department. Only slightly exaggerating- beauty products are my porn. x


  1. Maxabella

    This stuff is the biz (I cottoned onto it years ago in the UK – I think Niole Kidman mentioned it in an article and I’ve seen BMX Bandits!!!). Sadly I can’t stand the smell… Wah! x

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