Christine Centenera- the most stylish woman in Australia?

I think everyone has a fashion icon that they look up to. Someone that they can live their fashion life through. Someone that has that ease of style, that ability to rock a pair of track suit pants as easily and effortlessly as a couture gown. Who has that perfect hair that looks like they just got out of bed and ran their fingers through it. Le sigh!

For me that woman is Christine Centenera- and I have no hesitation in proclaiming her to be the most stylish woman in Australia! She is the sweetheart of bloggers and fashionistas alike and is constantly photographed at every fashion event on the calendar. Her style is probably the closest to what I would be dressed in if I had no budget – lots of studs, leather and faux fur. Her shoes are always sky high and to die for! I mean look at these Chanel boots!! For real – if they were in my shoe closet stuffed in my wardrobe, I would possibly never, ever take them off- cause I’m pretty certain there is N-O-T-H-I-N-G you couldn’t wear them with!

If you’re already in love with Christine Centenera than you know she is the fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar Australia as well as a freelance stylist. Lara Bingle is one of her most recent celebrity clients. In my eyes, this chick can not put a fashion foot wrong. I love everything about her style- and am secretly trying to pull off the tracksuit with faux fur jacket look myself. I love her ghettoness! Here are some of my favourite looks of hers. Ladies and gentlemen I present Christine Centenera- le sigh, again. x


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