Wax on, wax off…

Feel free to file this under TMI (too much information) – but I just have to share the fact that I waxed my armpits for the first time a couple of weeks ago using NAD’s.

Initially I uhhmmed and ahhed about trying it, you know with the whole pain factor and all, but then I thought about all those singlets and strappy dresses that are just waiting to be worn so I just ripped away. Yowzers!! Wasn’t too bad, they were pink strips so they didn’t hurt as much!

They are pretty easy to use and do exactly what they’re supposed to. There’s nothing worse than going over and over the same spot to get a few left over hairs out. These strips worked first go – just make sure you apply and pull in two different directions as your hair growth under there doesn’t all grow the same way.

The skin was a bit red initially, not sore though, but then I had the smoothest arm pits ever that I had to keep getting my husband to touch them. I have an amazing husband who is always willing to support me in my pursuits of beauty and fashion. Yes, even with hair removal!

So two weeks later, still no hair growth and smooth arm pits! I love that I now have one less thing to do in the shower- cause as mums know when you have kids, showering for longer than 3 minutes is a luxury! x

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