Freebie love!

My husband came home this morning with a surprise gift for me. He often does this and I absolutely love him for it…little things like a coffee when he knows I’m desperate for one, a bunch of daffodils in Spring and my absolute favourite so far has been the deer antlers he saw in a vintage store and just knew I had to have. I’m telling you- when he walked through the door with those antlers I swear I nearly did back flips down the hall way except a)I’m no gymnast and b) I don’t think I can even touch my toes anymore!

So this morning he came home with the new Marie Claire and said “There was a freebie on it that I thought you’d like.” Awww… how sweet, yeah? And yes, I did like- it’s a Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which I’ve used before and absolutely love.

Needless to say, I am an absolute cosmetics junkie, so when a magazine has a special offer attached to it – say no more – it’s mine. Some of my recent magazine goodies have been a Becca eyeshadow, Napoleon lipgloss, Butter nailpolish, T-shirts, Tote bags and sunglasses. I think I even bought Girlfriend magazine to get the French Manicure set once. I just can’t resist. I actually see it as saving money- I mean, I get the magazine AND a random gift I may or may never use. You can’t lose!

I must add though, that our freebies here in Australia are lacking somewhat in comparison to our overseas counterparts. In Europe the glossies include everything but the kitchen sink (although I’m sure that too has been attached to a mag somewhere). During my travels I’ve collected hair dryers, hand bags, beach umbrellas and even a hand-held frappe mixer which I still have to this very day!

Do you love magazine freebies? What’s been your best get? x


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