Style Review with Cindy Newstead

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of attending Style Review with stylist Cindy Newstead. I went on behalf of Mum’s Lounge where I moonlight as one of their contributors and beauty editors. After feeding the troops dinner and getting lunches ready for the next day I had approximately 15.4 minutes to pull an outfit together and not look like I had spent the past week nursing sick children! This is what I managed to muster…

Zara Blazer, Mafia singlet, ASOS leggings, DVF boots

ASOS braceletSwarovski ringย 

I’d never attended a Style Review night before but I knew a bit about Cindy’s work as a stylist. Her emphasis is on loving the body you’ve got and finding clothes that flatter your shape rather than hiding it. She uses real models for her runway shows which is a breath of fresh air- not a single anorexic, doe-eyed model in sight! Just real women with real bodies!

The night was held at the beautiful Leonda by the Yarra in Melbourne where we were greeted upon arrival with champagne and a goodie bag. I resisted looking in the bag for as long as I could but I succumbed to the temptation after a glass of bubbly. It contained lots of discount vouchers for various designers as well as an Alannah Hill accessory and a Nudie Coconut drink.

The foyer was decked out with various stalls as well as a nail and hair station. I attempted to get my nails done by the gorgeous Elly Lukas girls but unfortunately the manicure Gods were not on my side. Each polish was gluggier than the last – I didn’t mind though, the girls were so lovely that I actually just enjoyed the chat and the sit down!

I was lucky enough to have front row seats along with a number of other Melbourne bloggers. With cameras (them) and iphones (me) at the ready the show was about to start. We were greeted by the pocket rocket that is Cindy Newstead. She is such a tiny and gorgeous woman with the personality to match. She had everyone up on their feet and applauding as soon as she got on stage. It was very Oprahesque – in fact I was just waiting for her to shout “And you all get a freeeee car!!”

Cindy Newstead

Cindy introduced each model by showing a before shot and explaining what their body shape was. She then went on to describe how each piece of clothing she chose accentuated the model’s best features while hiding any flaws they may have. You know how we think long flowy, baggy tops disguise your fat- think again, they actually make you look larger than you are. The best way to accentuate your figure is to use a belt to cinch in your waist. It instantly gives you shape no matter what size you are. (As I’m typing this I’m making a mental note to hunt down all my belts and give them an outing.)

What I love about Cindy is that she is all about empowering women and making them feel good in the body they have. She shows real women how to wear gorgeous clothes every day. I loved her saying at the end of the night “Get up every morning and put some effort into your outfit. Bling up a t-shirt or wear more make up- or just wear make up!” So true! We all know that if we feel great about ourselves we usually have a better day.

The night was a huge success and showcased some of the best looks from our hottest designers including Alannah Hill, Trenery, Ted Baker, Jigsaw, Diva and Cue. And here’s a little piece of trivia I didn’t know – apparently Country Road is aimed for the up to 35 year olds and Trenery from 35 up. Who knew I was shopping in the wrong section!!

Here are some of my favourite looks of the night:



And here’s a pic of all the lovely bloggers I met on the night with Cindy. Thank you Brennan Imaging for the photo ๐Ÿ™‚

A big thank you must also be said to the lovely Kyra and Sabina of Pybus PR who made us all feel so welcome- and managed to remember everyones names! Amazing job ladies – it was an awesome night! x

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