Friday Fashionista- Sophie Saks

I was at a fashion event recently (Style Review with Cindy Newstead) when the sight of this woman’s pants stopped me dead in my tracks. (This happens to me more often than not. I’ve been known to crane my neck so much when I spot an amazing outfit on someone that I end up with whiplash!) I know a fashionista when I see one so I made a beeline for her and bombarded her kindly asked her if I could take her photo for this weeks Friday Fashionista.

We got to chatting and the more I spoke to her the more I realised she HAD to become my mentor (yeah, I haven’t told her yet but I’m sure she’d be totally cool with it!)

As I find myself approaching a certain milestone age I wonder if it’s too late for a career change- I really want to be a part of the fashion/beauty industry in some shape, way or form. I see starting my blog as the first step to get a feel of beauty and fashion writing. When I asked Sophie if she thought it’s too late she gave a laugh and said- “No way! It’s never too late!” I would’ve loved to pick her brains even more but she was working the event with her company Fashionizer TV.(You must check Fashionizer TV out – it’s basically all the top runway shows online. You really do feel like you’re front row amongst all the fashion action). Sophie’s the creative director as well as being manager of Sass and Bide. Seriously, the more I learnt about this woman the more I fell in love with her. Here was a serious rock chick doing amazing things in the fashion world. And she’s stunning to boot!

Okay, okay enough gushing…here are the details of this Friday’s Fashionista. Coolest chick I’ve met in a while! x

Name: Sophie Saks
Occupation: Creative Director of Fashionizer TV & Manager at Sass and Bide
Pants: Sass and Bide
Jacket: Mimosa
Top: Sass and Bide
Leather cuff: Sass and Bide
Necklace: Vintage from NY

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