Get your clog on!

As summer approaches I find myself getting a wee, okay a lot excited, at the prospect of being able to wear my clogs again! Yes, I know I could’ve worn them in winter with socks but I never really got on board that train. You know, the sock-with-clog train!

Wearing clogs encompasses all 3 of my loves – Nordic design, fashion and shoes!

One of my very early posts (here)ย was about a pair of white Gorman clogs that I bought at the Take 2 markets for $10.00. An absolute steal considering they retail for around $130.00. And let me tell you…I wore those nearly every single day over summer. There was absolutely nothing they didn’t go with and they were so comfortable that I could wear them and walk for hours, not that I did that- but I could if I wanted!

If you’ve never worn clogs you’re probably wondering how they could possibly be comfortable considering they’re made from wood. I don’t know if it’s because they seem to mould to your foot, or that they’re cool to wear in summer but they are indeed comfotable and supportive. The Funkis clogs even have 100% vegetable dyed leather uppers. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and fashion-forward shoe then look no further. This is the one!

I also own a black and grey pair of Funkis and Nordic Fusion clogs- and can hardly wait to bring them out as Summer approaches. I would’ve posted a few pics of me wearing my clogs but unfortunately my talons haven’t seen the light of day for months and are in deperate need of a mega-pedicure! But I promise as soon as my feet are rocking again I’ll post some photos.

In the mean time here are some of my favourite clogs in various colours. I think this season I need to expand my colour horizonsย and go for a green or pink! What do you think? Which shoes are you excited to this summer? x

Black snakeskin clogs by Funkis

Neutral Funkis clogs

A trinity of Funkis clogs

Love these green Nordic Fusions!

Yellow Nordic Fusion clogs- so sweet!

Nordic Fusion Mary Janes- yes please!


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