St.Tropez, baby!

The other day I was sitting in the park just chilling, sipping on my soy latte while I watched my monkeys playing in the sandpit. It was such a gorgeous sunny afternoon that I dared to roll up my jeans to get a few rays. As I looked down, 2 things shocked the bejeezus out of me! 1) I missed a whole patch of leg while shaving that morning and 2) I was glowing neon white!! Months of covering up my legs had resulted in the whitest, palest skin known to man. Yes, I know- white is alright, and embrace the pale. Yeah, whatever- that may be your (and Nicole Kidman’s) philosophy- but not mine! I say fake it till you make it!

So in honour of my glow stick legs I’m sharing with you my favourite self tan product of all time – St.Tropez Bronzing Mousse.

If you’re familiar with the St.Tropez tanning range and love it as much as I do then you can stop reading now- see ya! For everyone else, let me tell you how amazing this product is!! It really is one of the best tanning products on the market, in my humble opinion.

Here are some of the reasons why:

– It doesn’t have that smell that other tanning products do.
– The bronzing mousse has instant colour so you can see where you’ve applied it and you get a golden glow immediately.
– It does not streak.
– The colour is green based so it won’t go orange, it gives a very natural brown colour.
– It dries almost immediately and won’t stain your clothes.

The Bronzing mousse is my favourite out of all the products in their tanning range. Β I even use it on my face a few times a week for some extra colour. It is so natural looking that you will look sun-kissed and not like Snooki or Lindsay Lohan of the orange tan brigade.

If you’re applying it to your face and decolletage I suggest you do it at night. Wash your face and moisturise as you would normally. Then apply the mousse to your hands and rub it into your face and down your neck. It’s super important to apply it all the way down so your neck and face don’t end up a different colour! Then don’t forget to scrub your hands immediately. When you wake up you’ll look like you’ve just spent the weekend, well in St.Tropez!

If you’re applying the mousse to your body I would do it after a shower. Exfoliate well with a scrub then apply the mousse. It’s impossible to miss a spot as you can see exactly where you’ve applied it. If you have someone that can help you then get them to put some gloves on and apply it to all those places you can’t reach. I like to use those surgical gloves that are nice and tight on- it saves me from scrubbing my hands after application. Especially when you’re doing large areas of the body.

I find the colour lasts up to 4 or 5 days – but do remember to moisturise regularly as your skin will be drier, and dry skin falls off- ie. your tan.

So there you have it – give the St.Tropez mousse a go and let me know what you think. Happy tanning. x

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