Melbourne Monday Magic

Today is a good day. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping and I have a hair appointment at 3. A very good thing, cause at the moment this is what my fringe looks like – emos everywhere would be jealous!

So in honour of it being a glorious day, I’m sharing with you some of my photos of Melbourne. It’s a well known fact that I absolutely love Melbourne – it really is one of the best cities in the world to live in. I love the diversity, the beauty, the architecture, the food, the coffee, the shopping…I could go on all day! My favourite part of Melbourne has to be the dozens of laneways that are scattered through out the city. I love walking through them in Winter all rugged up while I sip my coffee and gaze at the graffiti and I also love sitting in their coolness on a blistering hot summer’s day eating a gelato!

My all time favourite laneway is Centre Place – right next to Degraves. It’s scattered with little holes in the wall that serve as some of the coolest cafes and eateries around. Milk crates are turned upside for seating and tattooed men share the tables with the blue- rinse ladies who are doing a spot of shopping. I love Melbourne for this very reason. We’re open minded, creative, evolving and accepting! All of this is encapsulated in this one laneway for me. Do yourself a favour and take a walk down there soon – and you must, MUST have a chocolate crepe from Yianni at AIX Creperie. See you there! x








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