Garnier Oil-Free BB Cream

You all surely know by now how much I love BB creams. The Garnier one still remains one of my favourites. Only last night I was telling a girlfriend that she simply MUST try a BB cream – and the Garnier one is great for beginners. It’s a cheapie and performs just as well, if not better than it’s more expensive counterparts.

I love the consistency of the Garnier BB cream but I was curious to see how different the new oil-free formula was on my skin. Garnier released the oil-free formultaion specifically for oily/combination skins in mind. My skin is surely bi-polar. It can’t decide what it is. Today for example it’s channelling an angst ridden teenager who listens to One Direction! So at times, yes my skin can be described as oily and/or combination.

Anyhoo- I decided to try the oil free to see if it was any different to the original. Yes, it was! My skin looked horrible. Although it did seem to soak up any excess oil my skin may have had, it also gave me a very flat and matte looking complexion. There didn’t seem to be that illuminating factor that the original one has. It didn’t feel as moisturising and in fact was quite drying on my skin.

Having said that though, if you do suffer from oily skin or you simply like a matte finish then this could be the perfect solution for you. Not for me unfortunately- I’ll stick to the original Garnier BB cream with all its illuminating powers. x


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