Fashionista Friday

Today’s fashionista comes to us from sunny Noosa. I ran into her (quite literally, as my eyes were transfixed on her legs) while she was out walking along the gorgeous riverbank in Noosaville.

I’ve done a previous post on Black Milk here – and in particular their Star Wars themed bodysuits and leggings. So when I spotted them on this gorgeous lass I had to stop and take a photo. Luckily she obliged and was more than happy to show all the characters off to myself and my boys- who thought they were the coolest pants in the world and kept saying “Mum, you should buy those too!” I know their dad would be ecstatic if I did- maybe for Christmas. X

Name: Cindy
Age: 35
Lives: Noosa
Occupation: Marketing/PR
Pants: Black Milk


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