Beauty fix

The other day I was in Daiso buying all sorts of things I didn’t need for $2.80 – but I also managed to find some cute plastic containers to store all my lotions and potions in. It was so cathartic to go through and put everything into sections and arrange them neatly in my bathroom drawers. I even found a tub of clear Australis mascara that I’m sure I’ve had since high school! Gross.

The best thing I’ve found is to have all the products you use everyday together. I know who would’ve thought, right? Having them all in the one place instead of opening a million cupboards and little make up bags to find everything. Genius!

So I now have my everyday cosmetics in the same place which mean I can now do everything in 3.5 minutes instead of 5. Awesome time saving.

At the moment these are the products I’m using everyday and loving…


1) St.Ives Green Tea Face Cleanser. This has a bit of salicylicย acid in it which is perfect for the occasional break out. It lathers really nicely and you only need a tiny amount so it lasts for ages.
2) Ella Bache self tan. I got this as a freebie in a magazine and I use it on my my face every other night for a hint of colour. That way I don’t need to use as much tint, or bronzer in the morning.
3) Dr. Hills Vitamin C serum. I’ve been using different types of Vitamin C serums for a while now but I think this one has given me the best results. I put it on a few nights a week after I’ve washed my face. It’s perfect for healing the skin- pimple marks fade, pigmentation fades and you generally wake up with a more even looking complexion.
4) Garnier BB Cream. I’ve raved about this previously so I won’t go on about it. I still think it’s one of the best go to beauty products.
5) Benefit They’re Real mascara. A girlfriend of mine bought this back for me from LA when she was there and I’m in love with it. It deserves its own post. It gives you thick (not gluggy) eyelashes in seconds.
6) Hot Mama blush. I’ve had this for ages and even though I have a ton of blushes I love the pigment of this one, it has an iridescent, illuminating formula that gives you a natural colour without being too sparkly.
7) Alpha Keri Dry skin lotion. My favourite after shower moisturiser- gorgeous and thick and really heals dry skin.

There you have it – beauty in a minute or two. Do you have your favourite go-to products? X


    1. chrystalovevintage

      It really is amazing. It’s an antioxidant for the skin- it soothes, heals and forms a barrier from all the nasties in the air. I use it to help prevent further pigmentation. If you’re going to try some go to a compounding chemist and get them to make up a serum for you. x

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