Who is Minette?

There’s a new girl in Richmond town and she goes by the name of Minette. For weeks Richmondites were being teased by signs on a shopfront asking “Who is Minette?” I thought for sure it’s another cafe to add to my growing list of coffee shops within a 1 km radius of my house- but no – I was wrong. It’s even better – Minette is the answer to my vintage prayers in Richmond.


I visited Minette with my two monkeys in tow on a rainy and humid Melbourne morning. Β It was there I was greeted by the super cute Amy, owner of Minette’s. (Minette is her middle name as well as her great-grandmother’s). I quickly discovered we both share a love for all things vintage and fabulous. Her store is a treasure trove of little bits and pieces- furniture, clothes, accessories, fabulous leather bags and shoes to name a few.

Amy, Owner of Minette's vintage
Amy, Owner of Minette’s vintage
Old School View-finder
Old School View-Master
Headbands made from men's ties
Headbands made from men’s ties
Vintage goodies
Vintage goodies
Vintage swimming costumes
Vintage swimming costumes
Scrubbing brushes
Scrubbing brushes
wrapping paper
wrapping paper
Minette's Vintage
Minette’s Vintage

Amy says her great-grandmother Minette (of French origin), is the muse for her store and she shared the most romantic story with me. Minette kept all her gorgeous love letters from her suitors when she was younger and now Amy is in possession of them. Β They are all so beautiful that she decided to scan some and make them into this gorgeous dummy. So much more romantic than receiving text messages don’t you think?


Next time you’re in Richmond and need a vintage fix, pop in and check out Minette’s Vintage @ 376 Burnley St. You’re sure to leave with something special for yourself or even a Christmas present or two. X



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