Where’s your blog at?

It’s been several weeks between blogs and I’d like to think all 5 of my readers have noticed. So thank you, I appreciate the messages of concern and I’m happy to report that I am alive and well and enjoying some time at home with the fam.

I’ve got all 3 boys home at the moment (2 children + 1 husband) and so far no one has killed each other. I think all the distractions have helped- ie. presents, Santa and more presents. We’ve had a lovely lead up to Christmas, gone away on holidays, spring cleaned the house, entertained, been entertained and are now looking forward to the New Year.

My blog is still something I hope to continue in 2013. At the moment I’ve been finding it hard to write as often – because well, sometimes life gets in the way. And that’s ok. As any blogger knows – you write when you can and don’t beat yourself up when you can’t.

I do have to share an amazing vintage find with you that I picked up from the Frankston Markets today. It’s a gorgeous wooden ice-bucket that I had seen at the Smith St Bazaar last week. Luckily for me I didn’t buy it because at the markets it was only $10! It’s from Dansk in Denmark and at the moment I’m using it to store my avocados. I love it! What do you think?




Here are some beauty quickies I want to share with you. These are my go-to products at the moment.


This cleanser is creamy and manages to get rid of all traces of make up in one hit. Cause who wants to be messing around with a million cleansers and wipes when there’s reality TV to be watching.


This hair treatment really is the shit. If you know of anything else that works as well in 3 minutes please let me know. My hair is always left smooth and silky after using this. I like to use it at least twice a week.


I do admit that the luxe gold packaging is a major attraction with this primer- but it really is one of the best I’ve used. If you haven’t used primer yet this is a great one to start with. Lets make 2013 the year of the primer – just because.


And here’s a beauty! I found this while shopping at Daiso the other day. I’m kind of confused by it, but I’m guessing it’s to create shadows along the nose to make it look slimmer. No, I didn’t buy it- but I was tempted to buy this…


Collagen! For only $2.80! Now there’s a bargain. Anyone tried it yet? X


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