New Year – New York

So it’s 2013. New Year. New you. Right? Wrong. Well for me anyway. You see I don’t like the pressure a New Year brings. As soon as it’s the end of December everyone starts talking about how next year will be their year, and all the wonderful things they are going to do, how they want to forget about the past year and move on. Yadda yadda yadda- I say.


This could be New York!                                 (It’s amazing Melbourne.)

I’m all for looking forward and trying new things but making plans or commitments has never been my strong point. It’s too much pressure to ask me what my new year resolutions are (to not make any) or to ask me what I’m looking forward to in 2013 (more episodes of Housewives of New Jersey).

I’m happy living day to day and making sure each one is as awesome as the last. However this year my husband and I reach a certain milestone age and this is where the problem lies. I’ve been asked to think about what I want to do to mark this significant year. *cue white noise in my head*. You see…I HAVE NO IDEA.

My husband has it all planned out (yes, he who suffers from OCD- for which my fridge and pantry are forever grateful for). He wants to go to New York and celebrate our birthdays in style. Fabulous idea I hear you say. Not for me. He says New York, I think bloody long plane flight with turbulence. He says pit stop in LA I think – still a bloody long plane flight with turbulence. Not even the prospect of shopping till I drop at Sephora can tempt me!


Or this- this could be New York too!                      (Yep, Melbourne again).

I must get over this fear of commitment, plan making, flying whatever you want to call it. So even though I said I wasn’t making any resolutions this year I think I need to make one. Haul my ass to New York pronto! Yes, yes I will. I think. Oh, I don’t know – I really can’t commit. X

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