Catalina Geo – beauty review

Catalina Geo is a Korean brand under Lamy Cosmetics. It’s relatively unknown here in Australia. In fact I had never heard of Catalina Geo before I received my package 6 weeks ago.

I’ll be reviewing the Anti Melanin Smoothing Cream which claims to do many things. Before I begin here’s some background info on my skin: I consider it to be combination with a tendency to break out. I can get oily around the T-zone but the rest is quite normal. I have some pigmentation on the top of my cheeks that has remained since I was pregnant 6 years ago. I am currently using Vitamin C serum and Medik 8 to try and diminish the appearance of the pigmentation.

I was eager to try this cream as it claimed to whiten the skin and help even out the complexion. It is called a Four In OneWhite Focus, Extra Firming, Aqua soothing and Moisturiser. This is what the information pamphlet says:

A water drop dosage from anti-melanin cream with a rich moisturising sensation is quickly absorbed without leaving any sticky feeling. Skin whitening ingredient niacin amide has four features:
1) White focus action keeps skin clean and clear with an even tone;
2)Extra firming action minimises damage to and loss of elastin and collagen;
3)Aqua sooting action leaves skin moisturised by revitalising moisture-retaining cells;
4) Moisturiser action provides sufficient moisture and radiance to keep skin healthy by strengthening the skin from within, with tremella fuciformis extract, panax ginseng root extract and other natural ingredients (green tea, rosemary and chamomile extract) to care for all skin types including sensitive, dry or red skin.



The smell and consistency are both quite pleasant, however the blue colour felt quite artificial to me. I started using it at night after cleansing my face. It went on quite smoothly except my skin didn’t get that just moisturised sensation that I usually feel with a good moisturiser. It didn’t seem to sink in- it felt like it went on unevenly and just sat on my skin.

I’ve persisted with it for many weeks as I was eager to see if it would whiten or even out my complexion. I Β know you should stick to a skin care regime for 3 months to really see a difference but unfortunately my skin didn’t really respond well and I had quite a few breakouts along my cheeks. There must be something in the list of ingredients that doesn’t agree with my sensitive skin.

I think the cream is trying to do too much. Moisturise, whiten, firm and soothe. I would’ve preferred to know that it was specifically targeted as a whitening cream to fade pigmentation or as a nourishing moisturiser to illuminate the face. I don’t think it was successful in doing either for my skin. I rate this a 2 out of 5 – mainly for the lovely smell, consistency and beautiful packaging. X

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