I cannot lie. I like big butts.

Β and there was no holding back. It always amazes me that even the most drop dead, stunning people have their insecurities- I don’t see their imperfections, but they sure do. Big thighs, wrinkles, saggy boobs, double chins, one eye bigger than the other- they are all real concerns for them, not me. I look at them and see absolute beauty, inside and out. I would love it if we could see ourselves in the same way others see us. Maybe then our frizzy hair would be luscious thick hair and our big thighs would be seen as curvy not fat.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t sit there and claim to love everything about myself either. I’m only human and have an ever growing list of things I would love to change too. But unlike the concerns mentioned above mine is a bonafide real one. It’s one that has led me to look wistfully at a certain woman’s body part. I do in fact have amazing-arse envy. I would love to have a rear end that you could serve drinks off. One that inspires a song. A bottom that fills out my jeans instead of sagging like a teenage boys’.

I blame photoshop and JLO for my rear end obsession. I present Exhibit A:


I know. It hurt my eyes too. You can stop scrolling up and down now and keep reading.

Let’s not forget the queen of Booty herself. The fabulous Beyonce Z:


In case you haven’t seen enough here’s Exhibit C: Ms. Kanye West herself. I must say, I love this photo of Kimmie sans make up. I don’t know why she bothers with all that clown paint when her natural canvas is so gorgeous…sorry, I’m off topic. Where was I …


I know what you’re going to say. Squats. If you haven’t been naturally blessed with a rear end like this I know it’s possible to work hard and achieve one. Squats, lunges, walking up steps, jogging, blah blah blah! Are you serious? The only squat I do these days is to pick up food from the floor when the kidlets are having dinner! Anyway, why work up a sweat when you don’t need to. Especially since the market is flooded with top quality merchandise to help us flat arsed women.

I present the HIP MAKE BRA…Bumbelt



It looks totally legit and so easy to use. A simple piece of elastic placed strategically around the rear end can give the illusion of a fuller behind. Look…


Amazing!! Look how perky that bottom looks. WOW! And no visible elastic lines either. See- why do 100 squats a day when you can wear the Hip Make Bra. Amazing-Bum envy be gone! I too will be able to fill out beige, polyester lounge pants! X


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