GHD – Greek Hair Destroyer

The inspiration behind this post is a number of things. I was flicking through a magazine the other day with the headline that always catches my attention for the wrong reasons- Celebrities without their make up!! And yes, I flick through to see how hideous Miranda Kerr is without makeup (wow, too gross for words) or Jessica Alba with her hair back in a ponytail with no lipstick on (totally grotesque, I don’t know how Cash can stand to look at her).

My point is, each and every one of these so called ‘exclusive’ photos look absolutely normal and beautiful to me. I love nothing more than seeing a celebrity rocking a baseball cap and track suit while they shop at WholeFoods for organic tomatoes. Because no one (except maybe Boy George) should have to feel the pressure of being ‘done up’ at all times. And don’t even get me started on Photoshop. I recently saw an image of Jessica Alba where they made her look so pale that I hardly recognised her. It’s insanity – not only are we photoshopping our ‘flaws’ but now we’re getting rid of our ethnicity too?!

So here’s where I get a little hypocritical- I am hardly ever, ever seen without my signature poker straight hair. And yes, it is signature – just like Kyle’s from Housewives of Beverly Hills. I have a slight, OCD obsession with keeping my hair straight. It probably stems from some inner emotional trauma or need I have to always be in control – even with my flyaway tresses. I am the ultimate control freak.

Here is how my hair normally looks after it’s been straightened. And to add an even more dramatic gasp factor, I also have no make up on. Woopee doo!


So in the name of accepting and celebrating ourselves for who we are – I take this gigantic step of releasing a photo of me WITHOUT straight hair!! Look away people, look away! Oh, the horror! Okay I’m only half joking here. No, I have never left the house looking like this, but yes, I would absolutely love to. So this is my first step- sharing it with you. My closest and dearest. And you thought Chrissie Swan’s smoking pic was the hottest thing going round. This is the money photo right here! Β X


The magic wand…IMG_7319


  1. astimegoesbuy

    You look a little sexy bed head in the au-natural photo!
    I have curly hair and no-one I knew in Australia had a clue for the first 8 years I lived here because I always straightened it. Then one day I was really late for work and went with wet hair. By the time it dried and all the curls were happening everyone thought I had gotten a perm! No I only straighten it a few times a year for something different. Curls are my new signature. πŸ™‚

    1. chrystalovevintage

      Hi Laura- I totally understand the need to want to keep your hair straight. I totally envy those girls that just let their hair air dry and it dries straight! If I do that…well the photo says it all. Frizz city! I too long for the day when I can embrace and rock my real hair. Much love x

      1. astimegoesbuy

        I don’t think we are ever truly happy with our hair. I know girls with straight hair that always say they would love my curls and I know girls with curls who would just about kill for straight hair! I just realized I could have an extra half hour sleep if I let my hair do what it wants! πŸ™‚

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