6 steps to not looking hideous.

So here’s a conversation I had recently which kind of irked me.

Her: You know you always looks so great and put together. I don’t know how you do it.

Me: *blush* Aww…thanks.

Her: I don’t know, I just don’t have the time to do anything in the mornings. *laughs* Β I guess I’m just lucky I don’t need to bother with all that beauty stuff.

Me: *gobsmacked*

Is it just me or did I just receive a back-handed compliment?? Was she implying I NEED to bother with make up cause I am so butt ugly while luckily she doesn’t need to because she is so naturally stunning? Wow-brutal!

Whatever her intentions were I did get a blog post idea from that uplifting conversation: My 6 steps to disguising your hideousness so you can leave the house without scaring young children.

Step 1: Primer. After washing your face put some of this on and wait 30 seconds. My primer of choice at the moment is Napoleon. It’s fab and I love the gold tube.


Step 2: Apply BB cream. It does everything for you- moisturises, conceals, illuminates, reminds you to pay your speeding fine – oh cool, thanks Garnier!


Step 3: Take ze eyelash curler and curl ze eyelashes. Voila.


Step 4: Apply one or many coats of your favourite mascara. I’m loving Benefit’s They’re Real at the moment. Instant Kardashian lashes minus all the Kris Humphries drama.


Step 5: Add some subtle colour with a cream blusher/illuminator. This one’s a cheapie and a goodie. Wake me up before you go go.


Step 6: Lastly, for an instant pick me up add some bright lipstick. My fave at the moment is Kate Moss’ Rossetto which is a lovely orange based red. And yes I probably did buy it because it had her name on it – I am a marketer’s dream. It is lovely though- a real pop Β of colour. I recently wore this shade as one of the FABruary challenges that uber blogger Andrea from Fox in Flats set. Read more about it here. Such a fun way to engage your readers!IMG_7416

And there you have it- my 6 steps to not looking hideous. You’re welcome. X



  1. Lysette Ashford

    Doncha love the BHC? A nice girl (who later ran off with my then boyfriend) once told me that I “carry (your) weight well”. Odd, to say the least, when you’re a size ten. Another woman I came across told a friend that she was “brave” to go out without make-up on. Pardon? Still, their off-colour comments make for a great giggle between friends at a later date – they should be thanked for providing excellent entertainment! (or slapped. you choose)

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